Picture of Lego Combat Knife
For the little assassin in you.
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Step 1: LCKp1

Picture of LCKp1

Step 2: LCKp2

Picture of LCKp2

Step 3: LCKp3

Picture of LCKp3

Step 4: LCKp3

Picture of LCKp3
If you want this knife for a bionicle, you'll skip this part.

Step 5: Lego Combat Knife Complete

Picture of Lego Combat Knife Complete
As a step away from my usual gig I decided to make a knife, it's not very accurate but it's as accurate as I can get with the pieces I own.
beanman9114 years ago
crap what kinda lego dude is that? ;-p
the oooold technic one
I'm looking to buy one, (or more), of these guys. does anybody know where to get a cheap one. I would greatly love to acquire this information. If you know where to, please send me a message to my email, jeremycotto96@verizon.net
RSV263 years ago
is the guy lego?
mebuildgunz5 years ago
how do you make that rifle?
he has a different instructable for it
blaize85 years ago
whered u get that awesome lego dude
seabananers5 years ago
thats not a lego guy
thats not a knife its a shank!
BioGuns (author)  TheGamerDude5 years ago
 Yeah, a shank I use on all my enemies!