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Do you need a place to store your money, but you don't want to spend a lot on a strongbox? Then try this lego version, it's a little less theft-proof than a real one, but it comes close.

I've seen a few combination safes on youtube, but they all used an at least 5 times bigger mechanism than this one. So if you build this safe you have less chance to run out of lego bricks before you're finished.

IMPORTANT: Before you decide to build this, look at the second picture below! Those are the fancy pieces needed. The first, the nine curved bricks, are absolutely required, but not necessarily in red. The two springs, are not extremely important; without it, the door doesn't 'jump' open as you can see in the video below. All other pieces I used, are common lego pieces which belong in an average lego collection, or are well replaceable by a surrogate.

So if you decide to build it, proceed to the next step!

Step 1: The Rotors

1: A round brick. Take three of these, as you can see in the bottom of the image. Each will be a rotor, number them 1,2, and 3, because later on, we'll treat each one different.
2: Place three curved bricks around it, leaving a gap which will be the rotor's notch.
3: A 4x4 plate on top of it.
4: Another round brick, on top of the plate.
5: Cover the rest with tiles.
6: Another plate, on top of the round brick, only for rotor 1 and 2.
7: Now place a 1x1 round brick on the top plate, the place of it will influence the number sequence of your safe. See the next image, an animated gif, to learn where you can put it.
8: Rotor 2 should be exactly like this. Rotor 3 aswell, but without the plate plus 1x1 round brick at the end. For rotor 1 you only need to add the two round plates at the beginning, without the stuff sticked in them.
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lxlbacon2 years ago
FYI: Lego website/stores do not sell the shock absorbers, but you can buy then on eBay cheap. The rest of the pieces you can order on the LEGO website

There is also www.bricklink.com That is one of the best sites to find replacement parts, or parts that you want for a project without having to buy a whole set!

Matthias7606 months ago

wow so cool

TriG110 months ago

You can just smash it to steal money, lol.

MicioGatta11 months ago

Standing ovation!! It's wonderful! It's a pity I don't have those pieces.... but it's great!


does color of the door matter or the whole safe can be any color? I was thinking doing those famous black ones make it all black, plus could I use one of those spoked wheels like most safes have?

samjohn1 year ago
This safe is great!
if you (or anyone else) forgets the combination just remove some of the back legos and done!
FoamboardRC2 years ago
Thus the problem remains: legos come apart. :P
Just use a hot glue gun to stick the casing together. That's what the proffesional lego artists and people @ lego land do...
This is not supposed to be really "safe". I wouldn't put anything valuable inside it, but it's a great gadget
haha, ya. or maybe you could glue the pieces together.
pickle54 years ago
i have like a TON of parts but not the right ones for any lego instructables
skolsox pickle53 years ago
you can order individual pieces on the cheap form lego.com under pick a brick
ipwnupeep4 years ago
id just get a hammer and smash the whole thing open and jack the money
Ya funny thing...Still an AMAZING idea
jharvison4 years ago
do you think you could add a parts list because its a real pain to go through the whole thing and come up with a list it would be extremely helpful and i hope it wouldnt be to hard to do please reply
merijnvw (author)  jharvison4 years ago
look at the date, I made this intructible more than two years ago. I don't feel like updating it in eternity. I think I already mad it very comprehensible compared to most other lego ibles.
the most important bricks are the curved ones and the technical parts. the rest are regular bricks that you either already have or can find really easily, if not grey then a different colour
im sorry i was kinda in a bad mood when i posted it and now that i look at it i completely agree with you about it being comprehensible and i guess i can just make my own sorry about snapping at you like that i hope that in the future we can have better conversations than this
kylekosan234 years ago
jhawthorne14 years ago
forgot ma com and why cant i breack into mine
pickle54 years ago
i have like a ton of parts but i seem to not have enough for lego instructables
akõre14 years ago
its so so COOL ,i want to bild it but i can t
cool but can you make a mechanism with less of the curve pieces
ninjaaa4 years ago
Anyone know a way to download the instructions without having to pay to be a pro member?
merijnvw (author)  cornonthecobert4 years ago
you need to be a pro member to see the text?? is this different from other 'ibles? I don't remember this ever happened to me, only sometimes the photos...
@merijnvw, you don't need to be a pro member to see the text, but you need to to download as PDF (or print, @TheGeek1984
At the top click "Print PDF" then right click the link and click "Save As", choose where you want it saved, and click "Save".
@merijnvw, you don't need to be a pro member to see the text, but you need to to download as PDF (or print, @TheGeek1984)
wow this is amazing but i only have 8 of the curved pieces :( i am currently searching for the 9th one. wish me luck!
make it with 1 less rotor...
merijnvw (author)  soccernoodle4 years ago
good luck
scistone4 years ago
U think I could make it without using legos?

I don't have some of the peices.
jackerboy4 years ago
i want to make this but i dont have enough peices
my comment below states that the rotor gets stuck. I mean that the rotor will stop. I guess because it's lose. A good shake or tilting the thing works, so I guess I fixed it. the only problem is constructing the box. I have this little coin dispenser thing and I worked so hard on it that I'm just not willing to destroy it. Would this work as a box?: The base of the locking thing would link with the bottom of the safe, then the top of the lock would be covered up with Legos.
merijnvw (author)  atomiclegocreations4 years ago
Hey man I reasd your comment, I will try to think about it later as now I am on vacation in Berlin and I don't have much time, in a few days I will re-read this, hold on. In the meanwhile good luck!
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