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Here is a quick an simple way to recycle old crayons (or use new ones) to make really cool lego crayons.

A friend recently made some of these as a present, and being an avid lego fan (and father to a growing fan) I had to try these out. You will find tons of tutorials on the web on how to make these, and to be honest you could make crayons from any tyme of silicon mold you have.

I bought my mold on ebay for about £4, but if you are super adventurous, here are some Instructables by other members on how to make silicon molds.



Step 1: What Will You Need?

A Mini figure silicon mold (found mine on ebay)
New or used crayons (Wax)
Knife or scissors

That's it....
<p>Could you find a mini figure silicon mold in stores?</p>
<p>Just made some tonight, using the exact mold. I soaked the crayons in soapy water per a suggestion I found on another site (about 15 mins) and most of the wrappers slipped right off. I heated them in the oven at 200 degrees f , first for 5 mins, then 10 mins, and after that checked every 5 mins. Took about half an hour for me as 2 of the Lego guys still had crayon lumps. I let cool on the counter (about 30 mins) and then popped them into the fridge for a bit to make sure the insides were solid. They popped right out of the silicon mold after that, with minimal cleanup (save for my cutting board!)<br><br>Behold; Lego Army: Red Division!</p>
<p>Sorry, forgot to say thanks a ton for this awesome art project Scooter! :) Next time I'll try 220 c though that comes out to 428 f. Has anyone had any trouble with the silicone mold eventually melting after repeated uses?</p>
<p>I got these. Work great, have bunch of block shapes too. A review said how to make bottoms too. I got 4 for $10. <br>http://www.amazon.com/MIREN-Building-Bricks-Silicone-Chocolate/dp/B017JNT5UQ</p>
Where else can you buy these molds? If I find somewhere that's selling them, I'm going to make my lil bro a lego coloring and activity book and put these with it. He loves legos and will love this for his 7th B-Day.
<p>CodiLynn, you can find these on ebay or Amazon for a couple dollars.</p>
<p>wow sick you make awesome things by the way mincraft is awesome</p>
<p>Cheers Gobie</p>
<p>Haha this is awesome :D </p>
<p>These are amazing. Going to AC Moore tonight to find some fun molds. Everything is Awesome. </p>
<p>Cheers, how did yours turn out?</p>
Everything is awesome!!!
<p>nice work</p>
my brother would love this I will show him
<p>My kids made some melted crayon shapes just last night. We'll have to try the lego mould, as they LOVE legos. After peeling a few, my 4yr old daughter suggested that we smash the crayons in a plastic bag while they still have the wrappers on them. It was a great idea, because then you don't need to peel them. Once smashed, the wrapper just comes right off.</p>
<p>Man, kids are so much smarter then us adults. Great idea about using the bag, but would not work to well is you are making solid colour moulds, but for the mix ones, absolutely. I also found it kept my 4 year old busy or some time... What shapes did you guys use?</p>
<p>Kids are so smart, aren't they?</p><p>The bags did work well for single solid colors in their case, since they were doing more assembly line style (probably 10 white crayons at once, then 5 or 6 red, purple, pink, etc).</p><p>The kids used heart shaped molds to pass out to their preschool friends on valentines day. They crushed the like colored crayons together, then did a mix of white and either purple, pink or red in each mold. They came out fantastic! I'll post a pic if I can get one.</p>
<p>Such a cool idea for valentines day, and the bag idea makes sense with the quantity. Look forward to the pic(s)</p>
<p>Here's a quick pic of the most recent batch</p>
<p>Very cool, hope the kids like them.</p>
<p>Wow, what a great idea!</p><p>And, really, you could do these with any silicone mold. There's tons of different ones out there. I might have to make some Millenium Falcon crayons.</p>
<p>Yeah, any silicon mould should work. The cool thing about the lego ones are they are to scale. A whole Star Wars set would rock.</p>
<p>absolutely love this! :) awesome set of photos too</p>
<p>I can't wait to try this with my daughter! </p>
<p>I hope the both of you have a blast making them.</p>
<p>I laughed so hard at the hippie picture. </p>
<p>It was my four year old son's idea. &quot;daddy these guys look like lego hippies....&quot;</p>
we used to sell these when i was a kid
My nephew would love these
<p>Oh, very cool!</p>
<p>Trippy, man!! =D</p>
<p>The &quot;trippy&quot; ones are by far the coolest, my son can't get enough of them.</p>
<p>Awesome very creative.</p><p>sunshiine</p>

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