Introduction: Lego Creeper

Picture of Lego Creeper

Step 1: The Legs

Picture of The Legs

Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body

Step 4: Putting It Together

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Step 5: Send Me Pics!!!!!!

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ms awesome (author)2013-05-27


minustide (author)2013-05-07

Super cool. These creepers are the best! Show us another one and keep 'em coming.

ms awesome (author)2013-04-14

This is awesome creepers are so cute!!

epicman333 (author)2013-02-19

thanks so much i really can tell i stink at this

GorillazMiko (author)2013-02-19

Not bad, but the creeper could use a face or more detail. Maybe you could print out images of the creeper and tape them on?


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