This is a simple crossbow with trigger, made with Lego pieces, powered by a rubber-band. It can fire a Lego beam.

Step 1: Parts Required

<p>like the trigger??</p>
<p>does your crossbow shoot hard?</p>
<p>It depends on the rubberband you use. If you use a small, highly elastic one, it will shoot quite hard.</p>
How do you fire it???
@makeosaurus, You have to pull the rubber band back and hook it into the L-shaped piece. Then put the arrow (beam) into the groove at the center. And then pull the trigger!
Thats sweeet
<p>Such a cool design!</p><p>It worked better than I expected so I put a heap of rubber bands on it and it shoots so far!</p>
<p>I liked it its just as an hand-crossbow.</p>

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