Lego Cryptex: a Concept Model





Introduction: Lego Cryptex: a Concept Model

When I found out how to create a cryptex on Instructables, I tried my best to make one from all of them. but I didn't have the right materials and I couldn't keep the parts together. After cleaning out some stuff, I found some Lego pieces and decide to play around with them. Remembering how a cryptex works, I decided to make one and got this! What's nice about this is that it can be scaled to a bigger model to actually hold something.

To explain how it works, Its functions are similar to other cryptex models. Most cryptex capsules have wheel locks that, when lined up, make a sequence of letters or a word. In this cryptex, there are sliding bars instead of wheels. There are only three ways to position the bars (as shown in the pictures), so there are less combination to make. There are only three locks in this model, but more can be added to make it more complicated to solve.

If a video is needed, please ask. I'll make an Instructable on this in the future.



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    Cool but this is hard

    A video would help Please. Other than that Awesome Cryptex.

    No, I kept them the same in case of fixing or modifying. Sometimes it jams on the return, so opening it up is required occasionally.

    It's still fun to solve though!!!

    The concept is not coming through more explanation is required. But good photos.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll work on explaining it more and put a video if needed.