Step 4: Let them cure.

The Elmer epoxy says to allow 12-24 hours for a full cure, and I'm going to say you should go with the full time. :)

So just let them hang out in a place where people won't mess with them until the time is up!
<p>These pairs are really cool!!</p>
Well this is outside of the {lego} box thinking! I like it... I like it very much! <br> <br>I have always wanted to wear cufflinks more often, but they always too formal/fancy looking, don&rsquo;t work for semi casual&hellip; but damn these lego ones knock it out of the park! I am going to dig out my lego sets and make a few pairs. It&rsquo;s a cool gift idea as well, nerd-bling is always welcome! <br> <br>Concerning your glue trouble, I use Pratley brand adhesives, but I saw on their site that they don&rsquo;t export to the US, sorry&hellip; They make a range of products of which at least one would be able stick something to anything else (no, wait&hellip; o yes that does make sence) permanently.
Great instructable :) Think I'll give this a try as I have to wear a suit every day, come September.
Thank you for sharing again. I have a todo to,,,ummm,,well,,,to do, and can't find cuff links. PERFECT! TY :)<br>
Oh wow, that is some incredibly sexy macro photography!
Thanks! And all with a point and shoot camera, too. I'm pretty proud of the little guy. :D
I'm trying for my first Instructable with a light box, but I don't have my tripod at the moment!! It's very terrible; shaky hands don't make for good macro photography.
this is so what im making for Xmas gifts for the men in my life. They refuse to "dress up".... this might be the perfect excuse to get them in a fancy shirt. "but but... but.. it legos?"<br />
Haha, I think that is precisely what happened to Muffin this morning. I want to make some fancier silver ones for the boyfriend, too!
Love it! My kind of classy.
Thank you!
Yay, you finally finished them! <br /><br /><br />How many can I order from you? :)
Haha, let me know if you need extras!
Nice, those look very sharp!
Thanks very much! :)

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