Are you a Doctor Who fan? Have tons of lego? Is your only lego dalek a piece of crap square-ish thing or do you not have a lego dalek? If any of these categories apply to you, you must see this instructable!

Step 1: Material

You will need:

5 studs/1x1 round plates (one needs to be blue)
2 cones (one needs to be silver or gray)
3 parabolas (they all need to be the same colour)
5 rotator-arm thingies (see below)
2 1x1 bricks w/ 4 studs (see below)
1 1x4 plate
1 left angle plate (same colour as 1x4 plate)
1 right angle plate (same colour as left and 1x4 plates)
1 dome/ finishing piece
1 1x2 plate
1x1 plate/ dual studs/dots
A little skinny...
suggestion for your photography: Use the Macro option (the little Tulip icon) on your camera, press the shutter button down halfway until you hear or see the camera focus, then take the picture. If you can put the camera on a tripod, even better, you won't need to use the flash. If you have to use flash, place a piece of tissue over the flash bar to diffuse it so it doesn't blow out the highlights...or go into MENU or settings and change your Flash Options to reduce the Flash Exposure Compensation to reduce power of flash.
Not the best i've seen, but still better than some.
nice, you managed to capture the essence of the dalek brilliantly :)<br>Off to the lego pile with me.

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