I present to you some dead space-y mini figures! I have no life and love me some dead space. Enjoy and please vote for me!

What you'll need:
Lego figure(s)
Paint (I used acrylic, it went on smooth but dried rough so I'm sure there's a better paint to use for it, I'm just not that knowledgable of paints. If there is please share in comments)
Possibly a soldering iron

Step 1: Choosing a Mini Figure

Easy enough. Just about any should do fine but I find Star Wars mini figures work best since they already have a sci-fi look about them and most come with a helmet. Usually you can also get multiple figures in a building set for pretty cheap.

There are some other sci-fi types out there, my favorite was part of series 11 I think. It's the one with the bulky shoulders.

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