Picture of Lego Deep Space 9
Picture 713.jpg
This will show you how to make the Deep space nine from Star Trek out of Lego. 

The steps are i the photos, i have highlighted the parts you need to add.

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Step 1: The Pieces.

Picture of The Pieces.
Picture 176.jpg
Picture 175.jpg
Here is the list of parts you need to build this.

Step 2: Main Part.

Picture of Main Part.
Picture 696.jpg
Picture 697.jpg
Picture 698.jpg
Picture 699.jpg
Picture 700.jpg
First is the main body where everything attaches to.

Step 3: The Bridges.

Next the main bridges that connect the outer ring to the main part.

Step 4: The spires.

Now the three large spires.

See how to attach them on step 6.

Step 5: The Outer Ring.

Picture of The Outer Ring.
Picture 702.jpg
Picture 703.jpg
Picture 704.jpg
Here you make the outer ring and attach it to the main part.

Step 6: Attaching The Spires.

Picture of Attaching The Spires.
Picture 181.jpg
Picture 182.jpg
Here you attach the spires to the outer ring.

Step 7: The Base.

Picture of The Base.
Picture 164.jpg
Picture 165.jpg
Picture 167.jpg
Picture 162.jpg
Lastly build the stand.

Step 8: Done!

Picture of Done!
Now your done!

This was a difficult to design and build, but I'm happy with the results. (also had trouble finding bricks.) hope you like it! :)
Have fun and enjoy your new space station!
ilpug3 years ago
Nice build! It has some pretty specialized parts, I have to say, but I like it. Do you do anything on MocPages?
monsterlego (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Interesting you should say that i got an account just last week.


How about you?
I don't have an account as I have a very limited collection of Legos, but my friend is a pretty amazing builder and introduced me to the site, so I look around it quite often.

My friend's account is here.