Introduction: Lego Donald Duck Battery Charger

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Hi, this is my first Instructable, I hope you enjoy it. I am Sem, twelve year old and I live in Belgium.

As I am a big fan of Donald I wanted to build a big one who I can use as a GSM changer/stand.

Step 1: The Yellow Feet.

Picture of The Yellow Feet.

First we start with the feet. Take a baseplate and work from the middle.

Use the yellow blocks for the feet. One foot has a width from 14 and 15 deep.

The legs are 5 full block high.

Step 2: The White Belly.

Picture of The White Belly.

For the belly you use only white blocks, the inside does not matter because you do not see it afterwards. The height is about 4 blocks.

Step 3: The Jacket.

Picture of The Jacket.

Make the jacket also 4 blocks high in blue. Watch the hollow space. It will be used for a power bank to change the phone afterwards.

Step 4: The Red Bow.

Picture of The Red Bow.

Donald wears a red bow, so we make this also.

It has a H-shape width 8, deep 3 and 3 high.

Put it on the blue jacket.

Step 5: Power Bank.

Picture of Power Bank.

Place the power bank into Donald, connect the cable

Step 6: The Arms.

Picture of The Arms.

Make a left and a (mirrored) right arm. The arms are hollow. This is for transporting the charger cable. Look especially how I connected the arms to the body. Afterwards you can move the arms up and down.

Step 7: Connect the Arms.

Picture of Connect the Arms.

Connect both arms to the body. Transport the cable to the belly of Donald.

Step 8: The Neck.

Picture of The Neck.

Use a turntable 4x4 square base and build white bocks around it.

Step 9: The Beak and the Face.

Picture of The Beak and the Face.

Take some time to build this, this is the most important part of Donald.

Step 10: The Hands.

Picture of The Hands.

Construct the hands in a way that it can hold your phone.

Step 11: Ready!

Picture of Ready!

I hope you enjoyed it!


Super space ninja (author)2016-07-23

Nice! You deserve to be featured!

DreamboxAlex (author)2016-05-08

Nice !!

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-05-02

Cool idea :)

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