Introduction: Lego Doomsday Prepper

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Gather the parts.1 Dino attack torso,1 pair of black legs,1 lego head of choice,1hat or gas mask of choice,1 lego crowbar,1 lego pistol,1lego mug,one lego 100 dollar bill

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Assemble all the parts you gathered for the back pack. put the money and pistol inside, and then strap the mug a crowbar to the outside.and you probably know how to make the minifigure.

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There you go that is how you make a lego doomsday prepper.


Wormbait-Pears (author)2015-03-31

Bruh,thats me in the future

awesome builder (author)2013-11-02

Nice we're did u get the bag

Mcgamehfd (author)2013-10-21


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