A fun and simply project to give a kids room their own personal door knob.

Est. project time: 15min plus glue dry time 

Step 1: Lego Door Knob

Materials needed:

      Legos (this one was made with all 2x4 and 2x2 bricks)
      CA glue (or epoxy)
      Brad Point Drill bits

 Step 1: 
        Layout your legos in a pattern that is colorful and close to shape of door knob
      (you can get much more creative if you have different shaped bricks)
<p>Perfect for my kids bedroom</p>
<p>Perfect for my kids bedroom</p>
That's awsome!!!
What if I have a door with a handle you push down?
This would work instead, or you could create your own design and post it.
I love this!!! Can't wait to try it on the playroom door!!!
This is really awesome but dosent it hurt to open the door
the idea is good but but it seems to big for a children hand...
It is easy to size for any one you want. The main picture is my 5yr old testing the fit.
very cool and creative idea!
This is such a creative Idea :[). thank you so much for sharing.
Great for a kids room, bad thing is you might have to glue the legos together to prevent them coming off and becoming a choke hazard. Depending on the kids age of course
Haha cool! Great job and congratz!
Ha! That is so cool!

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