This is an instructable on how to build a double barreled rocket launcher. This is also my first instructable, so please be polite (although constructive criticism is welcome!) So here are the pros and cons:


-Compact (5" wide, 7" long, 9" tall)
-Two barrels for twice the firepower
-360 degree rotating base (optional)
-Ammo flexibility (many types can be used)
-Very Durable (Other than gun-to-base connection)
-Easily modified (you could add to make it four barreled, or add a handle to convert it to a pistol!)
Range 15-20 feet (good considering its size)


-Slow to reload
-Not as powerful as some

So let's get started. Please comment! Also, if enough people aren't satisfied with the photos, I will try to get better documentation for you. I hope to upgrade the model sometime, but for now enjoy!

Step 1: The Base

 This is an optional step if you have very few pieces, are short on time, or are planning on using this as a handgun. But it is a lot cooler if you add it.
It is basically a 16x16 stud (stud being one "bump") piece of bricks as thick as you like on a small rotating mount. It gives room for ammo storage and stability for the gun. The base will also give your gun barrel some elevation.
only 1 of the pictures is blurry but it's very awesome.5 stars!!
This was really hard at first, and I felt like smashing it sometimes, but I didn't and it paid off! I used extra strong elastics though, and dented my mom's wall. She is gonna kill me!
What set did those missles come in? great "ible" btw. 5 stars.
Thanks. The missiles were from a Megabloks FX Striker set.

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