Picture of Lego Double Barrel Shotgun
Here I the redo of my double barrel shotgun! This time, the shotgun includes the wood grain stock, and the lifelike barrel break reload.

Tutorial: yea or na? I think all of you will say yes.
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Step 1: Gold

Picture of Gold
I think the main feature of the shotgun is the gold pieces on the shotgun. They make it look unique and ornate.

Step 2: Sights

Picture of Sights

Step 3: Reload

Picture of Reload
The reload is just like an actual shotgun.
fasc238 months ago
Ok I can wait for the tutorial
dafft2998 months ago
can u make a tutorial man. i am so bad at making lego weapons!:)
CSI worker8 months ago
Yea make a tutorial
AjKing (author) 8 months ago
It will come out around the time after Christmas
fasc238 months ago
Where's part 2 of the sig sauer
fasc238 months ago
War pig8 months ago
Looks cool man!!
fleckers8 months ago
coolblaze20198 months ago
Make tutorial