We were heading to Brickfest this year and I wanted to make something for the event. Lego earrings seemed perfect.

These were designed to be able to have easily changable "gems" to match whatever outfit she may want to wear, but it would be easy enough to take this and make any sort of Lego earring style from it.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

So, this is pretty flexible here in what you'd need for this, but it boils down to:

Earring back
Earring loops (or some other small ring)
Super glue
Lego blocks depending on what you want the earring to look like

I bought a small variety back of loops for a few other projects. The size of loop you'll want will depend on the looks you want and the size of the block you're connecting to. I used the 1/8" loops for the earrings here.

This is a smart way to make these. I have been drilling the hole for the earring hook, and the drill slips about 1/3 of the time, so then that's a wasted Lego AKA cat toy at our house. I am going to try your way right now. Thanks for posting this.
What a neat diy project! Love it!
where do you get the gemstones?
my sister will like this ps darth nihilus is my favorite sith its just i forgot when i signed up<br />
I tried this and I LOVE it! (And so did all of my friends. :P) Thanks!
Very good, and sharp pictures too. L
if only i was a girl :(

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