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Introduction: Lego Earrings

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Recycle the box of Legos from your childhood with these fun Lego Earrings.  This project is inspired by Jessyratfink's DIY Lego Jewelry Instructable.  In her version of the earrings she used epoxy to glue the legos to earring posts.  In this instructable I use jump rings to attach the Legos to earring hooks.

We brought this project to BurdaStyle's book launch party at TechShop SF and it was a blast!!

Step 1: Supplies

2x2 Legos - I bought this 402 piece pink lego set to get some fun girly colors.  The 2x2 size legos are the best for making these earrings.
Earring Hooks
Jump Rings
Drill and 1/6" drill bit 
- I used a drill press but you can use a hand drill.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill two holes in the corner of the legos using a 1/6" drill bit.  See image below to see where to drill the holes.

I used our drill press to drill all the holes for the BurdaStyle event.  I liked using the drill press over the hand drill because it guaranteed a more accurate hole. If drilling with a hand drill remember that the legos are really easy to drill through so you only need to apply a little pressure when drilling.

Step 3: Attach Jump Ring

Attach the jump ring to the lego using your pliers.  Jessy made a great Instructable on how to open/close jump rings!  Use this technique when attaching the rings.

Step 4: Attach to Earring Hooks

Easily attach the jump rings to the earring hooks.  Close the jump rings.  Make sure they are fully closed so the legos don't fall off. Now you're ready to wear them!! 



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    12 Discussions

    Very nice! You could even make some of the smaller ones, like the 2x1 bricks. Clever!

    I love these. I have a thing for unique earrings, you know the ones where people say "Are those really earrings?" :P

    Made some for my daughter Jessica last night...She love's them!!! thanks for the idea!!! Great job,love them!!!

    1 reply

    So adorable!! The best part about these earrings is that you can add more legos to them and change them all the time. I'm so happy she likes them :D

    this is adorable! unfortunately, i dont own a drill :( but i think i might just invest in one for this project. a great idea!

    Very cute! So many jewelry options could come from this ible.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lovely project, and the jump rings are a nice way to attach the hooks (and thanks to Jessy for giving me links to know why they're called "jump rings"!).

    My only complaint is the use of the evil, gender-channelling legos :-)

    I like the jump rings! These are darling! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!