Picture of Lego FJ Holden
The FJ Holden was Australia's first home grown car, mostly design and built in Australia. Back in the mid 1980's Lego opened a store in Sydney, Australia and within that store was a model FJ Holden.

A couple of years ago, I found the model tucked away in a display cabinet in a museum. After several hours of photographing the model, I decided I would attempt to build one myself.

Working off of the photos, here is the finished product. Approximately 80cm (32 inches) long, at the time it was the biggest model I had attempted.

Since completing the model I have shown it at several Lego shows and car shows in Australia, and now I want to share it with all of you.

Enjoy building this model and most of all have fun playing with Lego!

Step 1: The Original Model

Picture of The Original Model
These three images are of the original model, and are actually the images I built the model from. I simply enlarged to photo's to a point where I could work out how many plates and bricks were used.

I was unable to get the model out of the display case, so I had no reference images for the chassis or the interior. This made for many annoying moments throughout the build.

poofrabbit2 years ago
Well done on your win, I'm not sure how I managed to miss your creation before the contest, this is amazing! I also adored what you said about legos and ripping it apart just to build something new, so true!
shazni2 years ago
Wow! Congratulations! It's absolutely amazing!!!
kellechu2 years ago
Good job on your win too! Great Lego model you have there. My daughter is ecstatic over her judges prize.
Congratulations! You won!
The Fig (author)  King of Clubs2 years ago
nachnuch2 years ago
Great job.
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Great job! Love how you took making a lego car to the next level! Maybe if you want to make another, how about a corvette next time?
Verticees2 years ago
The most spectacular thing I made from legos was a 5-inch long space ship, but it was nowhere even close to this creation! Great job!!
The Fig (author)  Verticees2 years ago
That's what I started doing too -then it just went from there. Keep on building. :-)
TwinRabbit2 years ago
Omg!! Amazinggg