Step 2: The Build - Part 1

So where do you start when you are building a large Lego sculpture without plans? I started off with the tyres. Not too sure why, but it seemed like the thing to do.  Once I had one wheel built, I realised that this was going to take more than one night to build.

Moving on from the wheels, I tried to figure out the front grille and bumper bar area. Keeping the same colours as the original model, The first pieces were 'laid down' just after christmas in 2011.

As there were no plans or parts listing for me to reference, I assumed I would have enough parts in my collection. How wrong could I have been. As I worked forward on the model, I found that my collection of red pieces of Lego plate was no where near large enough.

The main parts I kept running out of is the basic 1x2 studded plate. I could not believe how many I had to use. And I had to keep telling myself that the original model was built back in the mid 1980's when part designs were a lot less diverse as it is now.

The other problem I was finding was structural. Because I could only photo the outside of the original model, who knows what lurked underneath. This meant the as I built the top of the bonnet many times over, I found bracing to be a necessity.

At the end of each nights work, working through and Australian summer means 30+ degress C for most of the time, I would take a photo, just incase.
Well done on your win, I'm not sure how I managed to miss your creation before the contest, this is amazing! I also adored what you said about legos and ripping it apart just to build something new, so true!
Just wondering whether you could provide the instructions in a PDF like the Minions instructions, as I can't seem to open the zip file. Thanks in advance.
Wow! Congratulations! It's absolutely amazing!!!
Good job on your win too! Great Lego model you have there. My daughter is ecstatic over her judges prize.
Congratulations! You won!
Great job.
Great job! Love how you took making a lego car to the next level! Maybe if you want to make another, how about a corvette next time?
The most spectacular thing I made from legos was a 5-inch long space ship, but it was nowhere even close to this creation! Great job!!
That's what I started doing too -then it just went from there. Keep on building. :-)
Omg!! Amazinggg

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