Lego Flash Camera





Introduction: Lego Flash Camera

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Step 1: The Pieces

Here are the essential pieces needed.

Step 2: The Camera and Lens

Put the clear stud on the black cylinder. Then put the lens on the camera itself.

Step 3: The Flash

Put the silver flash on the rod.

Step 4: The Thingamabob That Attaches the Flash to the Camera

Put the three claw pieces together like so.

Step 5: Putting the Thingamabob on the Camera

Put the thingamabob inside the bottom part of the camera. Bet you didn't see the hole.

Step 6: The Complete Process.

Put the flash on the thingamabob, and you're done! Have fun!



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    Thank you, i like the Tabasco glass you made.

    That looks like a great little LEGO camera! Nicely done.