Picture of Lego Flower Earrings

Do you love Lego? Do you want to treat yourself with some Lego accessories? Do you know a girl that might, but not especially, also like Lego? Do you think you know someone who might be interested in some nice earrings ignoring the question of liking Lego or not?

If so, or for any other reason, then this is what you need!

These Lego earrings can be pimped with Lego diamonds or worn without, or pimped with any other Lego part you might want to pimp them with!

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Step 1: Find some resources and stuff

Picture of Find some resources and stuff
2014-02-17 21.30.38.jpg
2014-02-17 21.28.46.jpg

Of course we'll need some tools to start and finish this little project...

I just kind of used what I had lying around, so I'm sure you can do it with a lot of other and better tools than I had.

What I used:

  • knife
  • drill bits
  • sanding paper

Stuff needed:

  • glue


  • Lego flowers
  • cheap earrings
  • some random tiny Lego parts

You obviously will also need some Lego parts. I know it's hard to get yourself so far as to cut and glue Lego, but in the end it was worth it. (and I got some parts in the closest but still way too far Lego shop, so I didn't have to sacrifice any Lego sets. yay!)

Step 2: Picking the flower

Picture of Picking the flower
2014-02-17 21.33.13.jpg

Lets get started...

Take one of the Lego flower pieces and cut off the stem. I did this flush with the bottom of the leaves.

This leaves you with 2 pieces which we'll both use.

This is soft plastic and you will cut through it a lot easier than you might think.

That also means you might cut through your fingers just as easy, especially when you're working with a sharp knife!

Be careful in other words! I know the method I used is against all the safety regulations imaginable but I'm sure you can come up with safer ways. I suggest for example to secure the flower (with some padding) in a table clamp and cutting away from yourself.

SoManyFandoms3 months ago

Very well thought out! You had all your exits covered, stopping me from leaving and FORCING ME TO MAKE THESE! And I will... love legos!

MicioGatta10 months ago

Beautiful!!!!! >*.*<

andreab1 year ago

Where did you get that lego box? What a cute idea!

Orion1615 (author)  andreab1 year ago

Lego sells them but i'm not sure if you can find them on their online shop. You might try some design or merchandising shops or something. I found these small ones in a comic book store in Brussels.

bysolone1 year ago

Really cool!!!

bagnitsch1 year ago

Too cute!

S_Alex771 year ago

Love these! When I make them for my daughter I will post a pic for you.

Those are AWESOME! I love that you even dressed up the earring backs :D