Introduction: Lego Folding Gun

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Hello everyone. This is my absolute first instructable so don't think it's gonna be awesome because even I don't think so. Alright, so lets get to it shall we?

Step 1: Pieces

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Alright. So those are all the pieces you will need.

Step 2: All Right, Work Time.

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Get those two things with 13 holes in them and attach them. I'm sorry I have no clue what most these things are. SORRY

Step 3: MERHH

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All right, do the same thing with the other two.

Step 4: Simple Steps...

Picture of Simple Steps...

Get those long connector things and attach them to the top part on botch of them.

Step 5: Easy

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Get those two 1 by 4's with three holes in them and attach them to the long connector things.

Step 6: Alright. Simple.

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Get the small connector thing and put it on the other 1 by 4 and put it on one side of the folding piece.

Step 7: Pictures!!!!

Picture of Pictures!!!!

Get the gear and the rod. Put the rod thoroughly the gear. Put the rest of the rod through the folding thing where it shows. Get the rod attacher thing and out it on the last bit of the rod.

Step 8: Hmm.

Picture of Hmm.

Get that other long rod thing and put it through where shown



Get the small rubber band and put it through the end of the 1 by 4 with three holes and put the rubber band ends on the long connector thing on both sides of it.

Step 10: Shooting Time

Picture of Shooting Time

Get the long rubber band and put it on the gear and stretch it to the other side of the gun and pull the trigger to shoot it.

Step 11: Of Course Your Done.

Picture of Of Course Your Done.

You are done but to fold it you gotta do that.


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