Sorry If Its Bad But It Is My First So Please Tell Me What You Think

Anyway Its Ok When I Dropped It From 40cm It spread 70cm But It Was On A Marble Floor So Look And Comment If Good Ill Do More
Sorry Its Blurry 

Please Also Tell Me What I Can Improve On

Step 1: The Base

 Get a 2X4 and 2 2X2 As In The Picture

Step 2: Base Part 2

 Attach a 2X6 Plate To Hold The Base Together

Step 3: The Wall Thingy

 Get 16 2X1 And Attach Them Together As In The Picture

Step 4: Attaching Walls

 Get The 4 Pieces And Attach Them To The Base As In The Picture

Step 5: Filling the Grenade

 Get Some Smaller Pieces And Fill The Grenade

Step 6: Attach the Top

 Get A 4X2 Piece And The Same Size Plate And Stick Them Together And Attach It To The Rest Of It Like The Picture

Step 7: The Final Step

 Get 2 2X2 And A 2X6 And Attach Them As Below And Bombs Away!!
its ok but all the inside peices fall out when you pick it up<br />
congradulations you where the 50th comenter<br />
nice by way iit tom <br />
&nbsp;I Know So Is It Good
stop texting this is free<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I Know
how do u detonate it?<br />
&nbsp;By Throwing It on the floor

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