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How to make a simple Lego Garage in less then 10 steps..

Step 1:

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Step 1: On green flat Lego stack white legos all the way around on edge using 2 width. Leave one side empty. 

Step 2:

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Stack yellow Lego's on top of white Lego's in same pattern.

Step 3:

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Add yellow Lego door to the front right corner of your green flat Lego.

Step 4:

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After that make 2 pairs of five 2 by 2 Lego's stacked on top of each other. An place on in the left corner and one in the right corner next to the yellow door.

Step 5:

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Behind the left corner add a red&yellow Lego window.

Step 6:

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Find two little ramp pieces and add those to the top of the white stacks and add a 1 by 8 Lego piece to connect to top of ramp pieces.

Step 7:

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Stick flat gray piece to bottom of the wheels and add windshield. Insert driver 


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I made the garage...

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