Here is the aesthetically amazing combat knife from COD ghosts, made from 100% lego. I will be making a tutorial of this, just so you know.

Step 1: Overall View

This an overall view if the knife, including the knife itself and the "Padding" on the side with the screws.

Step 2: First Person

First person view of the knife.

Step 3: Details

The first picture shows the teeth of the blade, and the part where you hold the knife.

Step 4: What's to Come Next?

See if you can identify the next gun I'm making...
jsmith yes, and thestuuurge, I've already made the Uzi
It's been 2 years and there are still no instructions for it? What a shame. :(
oh ok
I've actually already made the P99 rhett, 3 times!
im guessing a walther p99
oops assault rifle
i believe it is a Fn Fal
last picture before step 4 reveals it is a pistol
<p>oh, i just didn't see it on your instructables list</p>
Can you post instructions for the build?
That's cool man, I'm gonna guess an Uzi?

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