Step 6:

Create the stems by staggering a 1x2, 1x4, and 1x8 for each side. Attach to the frames. Now you can mold the glasses to your face by curving them a little to fit snugly. Enjoy geeking out with your Lego glasses!
I moded it slightly to make it stronger
<p>I think I might try this, considering I'm a Lego freak! LOL?</p><p>Awesome idea by the way!?</p>
love this my kids are going to love this as well
Is that u in the pictures
LOL, craziness! Love it
Thanks :)
These made me laugh when I saw them. If I get my hands on some legos I'm making a pair!
If you do, please share your creation.
can you use larger bricks to make a bigger pair?
Like Duplo? I'm sure you could but they wouldn't fit the average human head as well.
I love them! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
hahah! what a AWESOME idea! looks really neat! :D
Awesome! They are so cute and fun to make!
Thanks! I love the versatility of them since they can be made to match any ensemble.

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