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Introduction: Lego Go-cart

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This is a small go-cart i made out of lego. Its great to give as little presents for christmas or a birthday.

Step 1: Parts

you will need:

1 2x1 90 degree thinger
1 seat
2 2x1 wedges
1 steering wheel
4 small tires
1 4x1 flat
1 2x2 wedge
1 small chassis
your favorite lego man

Step 2: Wheels and Chassis

put all four wheels on the chassis (duh)

Step 3: Steering and Seat

put the steering wheel infront of the seat (duh)

Step 4: Aerodynamics

Put the two wedges beside the seat, and one infront of the steering wheel.

Step 5: Spoiler Application

put the thinger, (i dont know the name of it), not imediatly behind the seat but one more. Put the flat 2x1 on it, and tilt slightly.

Step 6: Done

Now be creative, make another and race them, make a jump, make a stop-motion video (please post if you do). thanks for your time.




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    Hi I made a lego go-cart using your instructions with my lil bro and it looks AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!! thanks

    I am a racer and a lego boy.

    pretty easy, a beginner could do it.... my first lego set was a truck and 2 racecars.....

    3 replies

    u say the word beginner like making lego stuf is a skill.

    You spell the word "stuff" like you haven't been in school... :D But seriously, some Lego projects are rather elaborate..

    agreed. the largest set they ever sold was a millenium falcon that happened to have 5,000 pieces. so... yeah...

    where do u get the wheels and the thing u put the wheels on


    I modified your design and came up with this. My drinking bird is in the background.


    I just love Legos....

    lol, i swear i didn't read the comments before mine, i probably should have before posting that, kool kart

    lol cool..i think this came wiht a lego racers board game i got once ;D

    cool idea! Ha Ha its 007 ( James Bond )

    If you didn't base it off of Mario Cart 64 this looks almost exactly the same it's awesome! :) I might build.

    2 replies

    i didnt even think of that, awsome

    yeah its pretty good

    it goes to 90 degrees but we position it at 45 or 50 degrees

    That car cae out of a lego board game called Lego Racing or something.