Today, I show you how to make easy and simple gun for all Lego men!

Step 1: Pieces Required

1. Here are all the pieces you need.

Step 2: Adding the Hand

2. Clip the black hand to the bottom of the sniper.

Step 3: Finishing the Gun

3. Lastly, put the cone on the end of the gun facing forward and you're done.

That is amazing I will build it it realy is cool
<p>I do the same thing except the black hand is facing the other way and there isn't any cone.</p>
Ah, good times might consider putting up more instructables up on here, if you guys want.
beastly i like it
very simple, <br>very cool
what kind of gun is this?
Very cool.<br /> Try (if it is possible) to on your camera to use a faster shutter speed, or put the camera on a tripod (even a stack of books..) and use&nbsp; the 'macro' setting (If there is one)<br /> <br /> This will make your already good ideas look brilliant.<br /> --<br /> <em><strong>JavaNut</strong></em><br />
or you could stop shaking it
&nbsp;O.K.<br /> <br />
&nbsp;or you could just go to www.brickarms.com and buy weapons for legomen there are MP-40s, M1 Garands, AKs, RPGs, Bazookas, MGLs, gernades, and machine guns they are like $0.25-$2.00 each. And they are good quality and realistic. You should check tha site out. But nice job! :D
<p>not bad&nbsp;: )</p>
Well, unfortunately not everybody has access to a PSG-1.<br /> Looks pretty cool, though.<br />
@legobattleboy: Nice work. I&nbsp;like how simple the gun is to put together, achieves a complex look with few parts so you should be able to make lots of them cheap. Keep up the good work. =)<br /> <br /> @RMConstruction:&nbsp;You ever try building creative models out of as few pieces as possible, while still keeping them original?&nbsp;More effort than you think.<br />

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