Lego Gun





Introduction: Lego Gun

In this instructable I will share with you my own lego gun design.

Step 1: Bits

For this gun to work you must have the following:
4 4x4
9 blocks with holes
1 small 2
1 12 blobbed slab
1 8x2 slab
1 cube
1 6.3 cm stick
1 dynamic stick holder
2 clips
1 5 holed block
1 stick with blob
pointy blob

Step 2: Muzzle

1. Get the 12 blob slab.
2. Put three holle bricks in a row on the right hand side.
3. Leave a space.
4. then put six more on.

Step 3: Trigger

1.Get the 5 holed block
2.put the plug in th middle
3.then attach to the cube.

Step 4: Attaching the Trigger

1.Put trigger onto left hand side of 12 slab so that th 5 holed block can go in the space between the single hole bricks.

Step 5: Clips Part 1

On the second single holed block attach small two, then infron of that put the 10 blobbed stick.

Step 6: Clips Part 2

First attach the two clips at either end of the ten blobbed stick, then attach the 8x2 between them

Step 7: Rubber Band Hammer

Attach the dynamic stick holder to the stick, then insert the rubber band through the hole.

Step 8: Loading Hammer

Push hammer through back holes (make sure trigger is up), strech both ends into clips

Step 9: Handle

Stack 4x4s in tower then attach at trigger end.

Step 10: Bullet

Attach the pointy blob to the stick with blob

Step 11: Loading

Pull back hammer and gently push down trigger

Step 12: Putting in Bullet

Put bulletinto the end of the barrel

Step 13: Aiming at Target

Aim at a target, If you would like to see my own target design get on to

Step 14: Firing

To fir push trigger down.

Thanks for looking at my instructable I hope you found it useful.



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    What do you mean by "blob"?

    whos the guy in the background?

    yo peeps i kneed a good lego gun and fast put the instructions in my inbox thanks

    hey how is every one . if you have good instructions for a bolt action lego rifle can you please put them in my inbox thanks every one.

     KNEX is so much better although good gun for lego

    1 reply

    this is a good gun for lego!

    You just need to find one that fits. Shorter but thicker ones will fire further, but will put more strain on the body. I just realised how late this comment is =b Maybe it'll serve useful for someone else.

    nice. The only is I don't have that much blocks with holes in them

    1 reply

    im making an instrucatble on a simpler gun and its way easyer to make...

    lol block trigger.

    i made this its awesome but i moved it around and made it more stronger so it wouldnt fall apart as much

    anyways i think its great cause its really simple to make and doesnt use many parts!

    1 of the best things iv ever seen

    very small but cool

    every time i shoot it, the rod keeps shooting owut of it. oh, and i modified it to look like a cross bow! i called it the BLUE BANSHEE!

    hmmm a lego gun that looks alot and works alot like a knex gun... its a start but look at lego guns on google images and ull find a lego machine gun that u gust need to put a motar on it and it fires something that looks like gum strips lol

    3 replies

    POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    umm i dont think so...