Step 1: Bits

Picture of Bits
For this gun to work you must have the following:
4 4x4
9 blocks with holes
1 small 2
1 12 blobbed slab
1 8x2 slab
1 cube
1 6.3 cm stick
1 dynamic stick holder
2 clips
1 5 holed block
1 stick with blob
pointy blob
how long is the rubberband?
You just need to find one that fits. Shorter but thicker ones will fire further, but will put more strain on the body. I just realised how late this comment is =b Maybe it'll serve useful for someone else.
maxaton6 years ago
nice. The only is I don't have that much blocks with holes in them
im making an instrucatble on a simpler gun and its way easyer to make...
helloantonk6 years ago
nice gun but i cant make this because it used advanced piece
Yang467 years ago
Hey where do you put or get a dynamite stick holder?