Lego HMS Victory With Rigging!


Introduction: Lego HMS Victory With Rigging!

My best Lego ship so far :D

I used the HMS victory for the plan, I just couldn't fit 104 guns on this one, just 18. xD

It has a plank that slides in and out (For boarding) and just about full rigging, I plan on adding sails once i get the time to make them (With fabrics, not paper)... ... And when i do I'll complete the rigging!

Hope you like it ^_^



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    Glad you like it!
    Happy Dance ^_^ (vote for me!)

    Try making the HMS Warrior out of LEGO'S!

    I think you should make it have 3 cannon decks on the Victory (if you have enough pieces) because it actually makes it be more accurate and doesn't make it look like just a frigate also, make the 3 decks have like the bottom one be like bow out and the 2 other ones go in. ex:

    I don't really understand what your saying :P

    All i can tell you is that it already has 3 decks with cannons.

    Well, but to me it looks like a 6th rate frigate

    You know a lot more about ships then i do. xD

    I will try to build my own sailing ship with LEGO'S and probably post it xD

    I don't know much about Legos I always messed with knex but great job anyway

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    You are supposed to put instructions but anyway, good job

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