Oh yes, that's right! One of your favorite weapons in Halo 4 in LEGO! Now this can be done in many different ways, but I did it the way I wanted to do it (EX. Extra details, screen that shows enemy's, ect.)

Step 1: The Body

This Lego build is mostly just pics!!

Step 2: Da Bomba!

Step 3: Connect Dem Together

Step 4: Where Are the Enemy's?

Step 5: Handle!

Step 6: It's Done... Almost

Make it close...

Step 7: Time to Paint!

Step 8: It's ALL Done!!!!

New project is up- Halo Warthog!
I will try!
Thank you! It means a lot!
<p>You should make more awesome Halo 4 guns, make DMR rifle!</p><p>By the way, awesome job!</p>
<p>Cool, it looks awesome with the paint job!</p>
The new update is now avalible
Update comming Soon!!!

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