Today, you will learn how to make some Lego Halo 3 weapons. this includes in order: Fuel rod gun(white), battle rifle, sniper rifle, Rocket launcher, assault rifle, rifle with a chain saw(not halo, but is cool), and have all been tested by, a white E.V.A. spartan

Step 1: Fuel Rod Gun

The instructions are in the pictures.

Step 2: Battle Rifle

like always it's in the pics


All of you wanted it, so HERE!( no-one asked)

Step 4: SPNKr

or Rocket launcher.

Step 5: Break

comeback in, 4 minutes as a break

Step 6: Assault Rifle

Assualt rifle.

Step 7: Rifle W/ Saw

Coming soon.
I can't play halo but I just wanted to make some guns, but they sell halo lego like sets at walmart.
They sell mega-blocks Halo sets not Lego unless I'm mistaken
<p>yeah there awesome and the call of duty ones to </p>
<p>oh ya? take this!</p>
ya your right thats what i meant<br>
<p>yea those r cool</p>
<p>it helps but it would help more if you could put up new pictures.</p>
Blurry just blurry
<p>so blurrrr</p>
Way too blurry
<p>My favorite is SPNKr or Fuel Rod Gun.</p>
<p>awesome, but pictures are very blurry.</p>
<p>awesome but the pictures are blurry but nice building</p>
<p>how about better pics</p>
<p>Its a bit hard to see what to do.</p>
Pictures are way too blurry.
<p>I over 9000th that.</p>
I 13th that <br>
I've done better. I made a Battle rifle. post?
could you make one with better pictures?&nbsp; These are kinda hard to see
I second that!<br />
i third that! :)<br />
i 4th that! the pics suck. my advice is to keep taking pictures until they look dece.
i 5th that
I sixth that!
I 69th THAT
pics suck, but admit it, the ideas are pretty good
i 9th that! XD
I 10th that!
i 11th and beyond
i'm not sure what number i follow that with. try macro
i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th that<br>
i 7th that!
No, sorry, my camera jus sucks...<br />
you have amazing talent =P
horrible pics
where did you get those minifigs!!!!!??? i love them!!!!!! O.O AWESOME!!!!!
... there is a little yellow box on the bottom corner. They are not mine, they are Saber-Scorpion's<br><br>the only one thats mine is the EVA that holds the guns throughout the instructable
just put another instructable on
where do you get the mini figs
WHen ?<br /> <br />
ummm<br /> <br /> <br /> well.... thers a problem...<br />
I don't know how to edit ibles :P<br />
uh oh
How are you supposed to get an ODST minifig? I cant find any ANYWHERE!!! If you could pllease help me and tell me where you can get a couple that would be awesome!

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