Picture of Lego Halo guns: a how-to
Today, you will learn how to make some Lego Halo 3 weapons. this includes in order: Fuel rod gun(white), battle rifle, sniper rifle, Rocket launcher, assault rifle, rifle with a chain saw(not halo, but is cool), and have all been tested by, a white E.V.A. spartan

Step 1: Fuel rod gun

The instructions are in the pictures.

Step 2: Battle rifle

Picture of Battle rifle
like always it's in the pics


All of you wanted it, so HERE!( no-one asked)

Step 4: SPNKr

or Rocket launcher.

Step 5: Break

comeback in, 4 minutes as a break

Step 6: Assault Rifle

Assualt rifle.

Step 7: Rifle w/ Saw

Coming soon.
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My favorite is SPNKr or Fuel Rod Gun.

awesome, but pictures are very blurry.

Ejammer1012 months ago

awesome but the pictures are blurry but nice building

WAFFLES993 months ago

how about better pics

thawkman4 years ago
I can't play halo but I just wanted to make some guns, but they sell halo lego like sets at walmart.
They sell mega-blocks Halo sets not Lego unless I'm mistaken

yeah there awesome and the call of duty ones to

ya your right thats what i meant
Plo Koon1 year ago

Its a bit hard to see what to do.


Pictures are way too blurry.

I over 9000th that.

jsherod2 years ago
I 13th that
~Meme~3 years ago
I've done better. I made a Battle rifle. post?
pholt5 years ago
could you make one with better pictures?  These are kinda hard to see
cantrell8 pholt5 years ago
I second that!
i third that! :)
i 4th that! the pics suck. my advice is to keep taking pictures until they look dece.
i 5th that
mabster james45 years ago
I sixth that!
I 69th THAT
pics suck, but admit it, the ideas are pretty good
i 9th that! XD
I 10th that!
i 11th and beyond
i'm not sure what number i follow that with. try macro
i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th that
i 7th that!
davison112 (author)  pholt5 years ago
No, sorry, my camera jus sucks...
you have amazing talent =P
Fr-Pa-Co4 years ago
horrible pics
khsora4 years ago
where did you get those minifigs!!!!!??? i love them!!!!!! O.O AWESOME!!!!!
davison112 (author)  wickedsonic14 years ago
... there is a little yellow box on the bottom corner. They are not mine, they are Saber-Scorpion's

the only one thats mine is the EVA that holds the guns throughout the instructable
zap80044 years ago
just put another instructable on
zap80044 years ago
where do you get the mini figs
nfk114 years ago
robertlim5 years ago
WHen ?

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