Lego Harry Potter Library





Introduction: Lego Harry Potter Library

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This is the library out of the Harry Potter movies which I invented together with my brother.
Be sure to read image notes when building.
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I'm trying to upload a ible each friday, let's see how long it will work :)
Next week it will be my knex ball machine Dystopia.

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Step 1: The Base

Step 2: The Left Outer Wall

Step 3: Left Szenery

Step 4: The Right Outer Wall

Step 5: Right Szenery

Step 6: The Center Wall

Step 7: The Roof

Step 8: Adding the Books

Step 9: Congrats!

Congrats! You are finished!



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    I'm afraid I don't, feel free to make one and I'll add it :)

    And thanks :)

    Wow this is ancient

    Will dystopia be done in an week! Or is it an update? Nice libary to!

    3 replies

    It IS already done :P
    Tidying up my room, filming and editing will be done till then. :)

    YAY!!!!! Also my launched coaster is on hold cause I don''t have enough pieces( so I ordered more today) And I invented an new lift! I'm going to make an ible of it soon!(maybe a week or two)

    I already started a new ball machine with the spare pieces :P
    I'll probably post pics soon