Introduction: Lego Helicopter Blades

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This set of instructions will help you build the pictured helicopter blade model with Lego.

Step 1:

Parts needed:

2 - 1x2
2 - 1x6
2 - 2x4
4 - 2x6
2 - 2x8
1 - Propeller
2 - thin 2x3
2 - 1x1 dots

Step 2:

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Lay three 2x6 Lego bricks side-by-side as pictured.

Step 3:

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Connect the three bricks from the previous step crosswise with a single 2x6 brick. This completes the base.

Step 4:

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Attach a propeller piece to the middle of the base.

Step 5:

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Lay one 1x6 piece across the length of the propeller. There will be some overhang at each end. 
Then, place two 1x2 pieces on the remaining studs of the propeller.

Step 6:

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Place the short end of a 2x4 brick on top of a 1x2 brick from the last step. The brick should be parallel to the 1x6 brick down the middle of the propeller. Repeat with a second 2x4 brick facing the other way.

Step 7:

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Place a single 1x6 brick so that it connects the short edges of the 2x4 bricks placed in the previous step. There will be a 1x1 overhang on one side. This strengthens the structure.

Step 8:

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Place a single 2x8 brick on each remaining 2x3 section of the 2x4 bricks. These pieces are the blades of the propeller.

Step 9:

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Add two flat circular pieces to opposing edges of the propeller blades. These serve as marker lights.

Step 10:

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Secure the blades to the structure with two flat 2x3 pieces. 

Congratulations! You've completed the helicopter blade model.


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