I made this Lego Helicopter For my kids and I. Made from Lego Technics & Lego Powe Functions. The Helicopter moves along a suspended string and is controlled by a remote it can move forward and back as well as left and right.


Step 1: Building Instructions

Step 2: Some Detail Pictures

Thank you for all the comments they are much appreciated. <br>Winning a prize for something you've made feels wonderful.<br>Martin.
Nice helicopter. Congrats on winning the toys made from toys prize.
Nice idea! Does that very thin fishing line (you see that sometimes above a pond to protect the fish agains bird) hold this helicopter? If it does, and you use that, it can realy look as if the lego flies, would be even better.<br>4.5*
Superb! Very neat concept and clear photos.
When Legos fly!
Or zip across string.
very cool!
Whoa, awesome!

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