In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a Lego helicopter.  The materials and final product are shown above.  You can choose which colors you would like your helicopter to be in.  

Step 1: Step 1: Build the Body

To build the body you will need: five 4x2 blocks, four 3x2 blocks, and one 2x2 block.  For the bottom layer of the body, you will need to lay three 4x2's and two 3x2's in the following pattern (starting from bottom right and going clockwise).  You will lay one 4x2 Lego horizontal to yourself, next to it (also horizontal to you), you will lay one 3x2 block.  You will lay another 4x2 block vertical to the previous block, making it rest next to the the end four pegs.  Laying horizontally next to the end four pegs of that 4x2 block, you will need to lay a 3x2 block.  Finally, you will rest the last 4x2 block vertically up against the 3x2 block and also resting on the side of the first 3x2 block.  

After you have the bottom layer done, you will build the top layer directly on that one, this will hold the bottom layer together.  This time, starting in the top right corner and working your way counter-clockwise, you will need to place one 4x2 block connecting the 4x2 and 3x2 blocks below it.  You will need to place the block so it covers four pegs on each block.  Next, you will take a 3x2 block and place it up against the 4x2 in the last step, this will connect it with two pegs on the 3x2 and four pegs on the 4x2 below it.  Now you will need to place a 4x2 vertically next to the last 3x2 block.  This block will connect with four pegs on each of the 4x2 blocks below it.  You will next need to place a 3x2 block horizontally next to the previous 4x2 block.  It will connect with two pegs of the 3x2 and four pegs of the 4x2 blocks below it.  the final piece to create the body of the helicopter is the 2x2 piece, this will connect next to the 3x2 piece in the bottom right.  

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