Picture of LEGO Hi-Chew Dispenser
After making my Lego Candy Dispenser, I decided I wanted to make something to dispense my current candy obsession: Hi-Chew!

I also wanted a machine that dispensed the candy when the handle was pushed in, instead of when pulled out. Another design feature I wanted was an area to collect the candy from after being dispensed. I'm very pleased with how it came out and already have a few ideas for my next Lego candy machine. 

I recently entered this in the 2013 Alameda County Fair and it ended up winning a 1st place ribbon :D !

Step 1: The Mechanism

Picture of The Mechanism
This is the 'action' piece. It will move back and forth, grabbing a single candy at a time and transporting it to drop down the chute. Because the mechanism is the moving part, I decided every face should be smooth. 
ogloscar21 days ago

you can also put coins and money in this too works amazingly

GoldCivetta6 months ago

what is a hi chew

They're Fruit Chews, dude.

nintenbro6411 months ago
I had made one like this but it was a smartie dispenser. Great job! I also love the colours that you've used!


gwhiz1381 year ago


Jacktiger1 year ago

Shut up and take my money!

contom10271 year ago
how do you make it
jujubee312 years ago
Yummy!! Enjoying some now
jujubee312 years ago
Do u like Legos? Haha I love this and hi chew us always an awesome snack!!
dupes8882 years ago
Its okay....
I never heard of a hi chew before...
its a candy they make in japan do a google search on it
Here si my version of your fun idea ... front and back
I made this yesterday and filled it with Hi Chew - can't stop playing with it!
Great build. Hope you win the contest.
steinie442 years ago
Just make the back, behind the slide 1x. Then theirs room for a flat leaf spring in, to push the slide back out.
Very clever design.. Great job!http://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-Hi-Chew-Dispenser/step2/null/
I'm making this and and substituting and one of then says honest bobs warehousing : D lol
laxap2 years ago
Once again, a very cool project!
rrkrose laxap2 years ago
yes very cool
rrkrose laxap2 years ago
yes very cool
rrkrose2 years ago
that is like the most awesome thing i have ever seen i love candy
jbrecken2 years ago
It would probably only take a slight modification in Step 3 to add a rubber band that would push the mechanism back out after dispensing a candy.
I was thinking that as well. An even better idea would be to use a pair of spring pieces, however both of those methods would likely require the machine to be quite a bit larger.
Your creations are absolutely fabulous!! I just love how creative they are. Please, keep making more!
This is the most clever thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
SHIFT!2 years ago
Will it work with starbursts? This is so awesome
SydRules1232 years ago
That is so cool! Make more stuff like that.
That is one coolest LEGO project I have seen so far. Thank so much you for sharing your awesomeness.