Introduction: Lego Hidden Blade

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This is one of the first sliding lego hidden blades that i have seen. Comment if you enjoy

Step 1: Bottom

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You will need a 4x12 lego. Cover most of the edge. Do all but 1 end. Cover middle in lego tiles.

Step 2: Middle

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On this step we will make the sides and blade. First off start by finding a 2x12. Then, put a piece that is supposed to be a 3x2, but has a hole so it is really a 2x2 with a whole in it. Then get a piece of string about 6" long. Toe one end to the back of the blade. Thread the other end through a brick that is 2x1 and has 2 holes in it. Then tie a loop that can easily slide off your finger. Put it on the right side. Then cover all of the studs in bricks.

Step 3: Top

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We will finish the hidden blade on this step. Cover the top. On the end of the blade were the blade comes out, put a 2x1 there. Put it on. Next get 2 8x1. One with studs and one without. Get 2 rubber bands (loose) and put 3 1/2 studs in on each side. Then put the two 8x1 on. Fastening the rubber bands on. Now your hidden blade is complete

Step 4: Extra Step

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This is for the pistol that Ezio gets in number 2. You will need a 8x2 and a 10x1 brick with holes in it and two of the blue things. Put the blue things on the ends of the 10x. put a rubber band in between the two blue things. Put the bow on the 8x2. Put on the hidden blade and load ammo, pull back and let go and it should shoot.


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