Lego Hidden Blade (like the One From Assassin's Creed)

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Introduction: Lego Hidden Blade (like the One From Assassin's Creed)

I have a power point on a hidden blade i made from lego. It goes step by step. Its pretty simple, but watch out. Everytime u load it, make sure u push the blade into the holder, or u may get a hidden blade launcher!!



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Here. I hope this helps! :D

isn't a hidden blade suposed to be hidden

here is my i add phantom blade :-)


Thank you, most of the YouTube videos containing a tutorial on how to make what is shown above are mostly tutorials that have... Uncommon Lego pieces. When I constructed it, I kinda found it a bit small for my hand ( Gods Hand jokes ) so obviously I made it alot fatter and instead of a rubber band. I used a lace material and made it have a flex motion when ejecting the blade out.

Great Tutorial, thanks and keep it up!


thank you ill cheak it out

how does it lock in place i dont get it and how does it eject also can you just explain to me how it workks too

See the 0 degree connector at the back of the device (at the bottom of the picture)? It connects to the axle that goes down the middle. At the point in which the axle meets the connector, there is a little bit of lego sticking out. This catches on to the plate. To eject it, the connector is pressed down, releasing it from the plate. I'll see if I can make a vid on it. It's hard to describe. :D

I wanna make this but i dont have the lego parts

ive made my own lego blade using a comb and a belt ill tell you how to make it if you msg me back