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Introduction: Lego Honey Badger

Iss da honey badger!!! I made this weapon because it is my favorite low-level assault rifle, but it is also very useful, because it has a free attachment, a suppressor.

Step 1: Magazine

The magazine.

Step 2: Magpul MBUS Sights

These ate the sights for the honey badger. They're spring-loaded sights, so when you push the red button on the rail system, just in case maybe your optic broke.

Step 3: Adjustable Stock

Eve though the stock only has 2 positions, the stock os one of the details that makes this honey badger look authentic.

Step 4: Details

Details: bolt catch, and fire selector.

Step 5: Charging Thing

The charging thing is sort of like the ones on an M4A1, but he's something on the left side. I tried many things, but I couldn't make it.

Step 6: More Details

The first detail is on the side, and it is a logo which has NV on it. I tried to replicate that on lego, but it was just too bulky. The second detail is also on the side, and it looks like a signature from a graffiti artist named Bugg. I think I did a good job on it though.



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