In this Instructable I'll show how I made some lego items you can do things with!

Step 1: CD Rack

This is a useful cd rack and easy to build.
1: Make two 18x18 layers of flat plates.
2: Make this with blocks of 3 in height and 1 in width.
3: Add another layer on it, with flat plates with 1 in height and 1 in width.
4: Add plates of 1 in height and 2 in width like this.
5: Repeat this as many times as many CD's you want it to hold. End with a block layer, not a 2-width-plate layer.
6: Place two flat layers on top.
7: Insert CD's.
So neat! I've never gotten past a "wall".
<p>I made it! Great idea!</p>
I made the pen too ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its 8:40pm right now and i made the pen.... but i made a cap too and used black brown and gray ITS SOOOO COOL THX FOR THE IBLE!!!!!!!!!
haha, the pen is really weak though. unless you glue it
my big bro likes legos
i tried the pen i ened up spilling ink all over my desk lol
it's called a coaster (imagine that not in an angry way but a helpful way
Cool stuff! <br /> <br /> I've never seen the bricks of step 3. Where do they come from.<br /> <br /> Keep on the good work, Lego genius!<br />
they are not rare per say but not common, im sure you can buy packs of them -- i found most of mine from the 'rock raiders' kind of sets because they were used to mount 'lights' on (the green christal things). man i loved lego
Cool.... But most of them seem to rely on having "rare" pieces.
Not necessarily. The more &quot;mechanical&quot; kits (what are they called?) with gears and stuff have all of your &quot;rare&quot;&nbsp;pieces.<br />
Yeah, they're called &quot;Lego Technic&quot;<br />
Thank you. I couldn't remember what their &quot;official&quot; name is.<br />
No only for the cup mat you need a lot of some kind of brick, and for the puzzles you need a lot of flat plates, that's it.
And the cd rack, you need a lot of platforms.
That's not so much. I think most people with legos have enough to make that. I have enough to make about 15 of those, but not all in those colors.
yup 100% right, you might have to use different colors, but its all the same in the end :)
You are really creative with Legos.<br />
very cool bud, i like the ideas, i remember using a lot of those lego parts when i used to play with it ;) still do sometimes, great stuff!
I really like the pen... a lot... I think i will make one when school starts back up. Good job on the other stuff too!
wow, this is really helpful!

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