Lego Household Items





Introduction: Lego Household Items

In this Instructable I'll show how I made some lego items you can do things with!

Step 1: CD Rack

This is a useful cd rack and easy to build.
1: Make two 18x18 layers of flat plates.
2: Make this with blocks of 3 in height and 1 in width.
3: Add another layer on it, with flat plates with 1 in height and 1 in width.
4: Add plates of 1 in height and 2 in width like this.
5: Repeat this as many times as many CD's you want it to hold. End with a block layer, not a 2-width-plate layer.
6: Place two flat layers on top.
7: Insert CD's.

Step 2: Tape Dispenser

This is a tape dispenser, designed for weaker kinds of tape.
1: Lie down flat 1-width-plates like this
2: Add a layer of 3-in-heights.
3: And another layer.
4: Make this.
5: A stave with 5 in length, two middle gears and flat wheel things.
6: Tape fit around that. Also lace blocks with a hole in it on both sides.
7: Put it in place and add a flat 1x6 plate on both sides.
8: Make this.
9: Add it to the thing, and also the other things you see.

Step 3: Cup Mat

This is a stylish cup mat.
1: You can only make this if you have a lot of these, with two different colors.
2: Make a spiral of four of them.
3: Make a lot of those and make a big square of it.
4: Add flatties on the sides.
5: Put a cup on it.

Step 4: Ball Pen

This pen is actually very weak, except when you glue it
1: You need these things.
2: Make the top.
3: add so much cilinders that the thickening on the pen sticks to it.
4: Add more from the other side and a cone.

Step 5: Puzzle 1

This is a tile puzzle and if you hold it upside down the tiles won't fall out. My image is a rocket with scaffoldings
1: Get eleven of these, 4x4 plates.
animated image: Make an image on them all together, but don't connect them.
2: put flat 2x2's under it.
3: Lie down a 16x20 composed plate, you don't need to add a second layer.
4: Make a network of flatties to connect the plates, you don't need to cover it all. Leave 2 in width on the side, and make 2-wide plates on the right and bottom like that.
5: Add another flat layer on the 2-wide plates.
6: Put thin flatties on it.
7: And thin plates next to them.
8: Fill the rest of the sides with blocks.
9: Get another eleven of these 4x4 plates.
10: And put 3x3 on it.
11: Thin flatties on the side.
12: and square flatties like that
13: So now you have eleven of these.
14: Put them inside.
15: Flat squares...
16: Oops, that's the same as the last step, sorry.
17: Put 2-wide plates on the sides.
18: Press the puzzle parts on it and you're done.

Step 6: Puzzle 2

This is a ball maze where you need to get the ball to the end, by skewing the whole thing, and preventing the ball from falling in a hole. This is fun but needs some practice.
animated image: You need to have a metal ball that fits in a 1x1 lego hole. These come from ball bearings.
1: I'm sorry I skipped some steps, but it's understandable if you look at this and then at step 5. Just make it.
2: Then on the side 1-wide bricks and flat 1-wide plates. Als a little reservoir for the ball.
3: Add some pillars from 1x1 cylinders and flat circles an those.
4: A big plate.
5: This should be the finished puzzle, but the bottom isn't there... weird. I'm sorry I messed up the fotoshoot on this puzzle a bit!



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    So neat! I've never gotten past a "wall".

    I made the pen too ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its 8:40pm right now and i made the pen.... but i made a cap too and used black brown and gray ITS SOOOO COOL THX FOR THE IBLE!!!!!!!!!

    haha, the pen is really weak though. unless you glue it

    my big bro likes legos

    i tried the pen i ened up spilling ink all over my desk lol

    it's called a coaster (imagine that not in an angry way but a helpful way

    Cool stuff!

    I've never seen the bricks of step 3. Where do they come from.

    Keep on the good work, Lego genius!