Introduction: Lego Humanoid

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I was playing with my LEGO Mindstrorm Nxt when I build this humanoid. It doesn't use any motors though. But it can help being a model.

This used up lot of pieces, so you might need to be ready for it (not quite many actually)

Step 1: Make the Arm

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The arm, forearm, and crab hands are shown here. My model isn't perfect because it doesn't have any head and proper hands. But, just go ahead.

Step 2: Make the Shoulder

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Just follow the pictures. The pictures might not be clear, and I'm sorry for that because my camera is 0.1 Mega Pixels (My cellphone's).

Step 3: Make the Leg

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These are legs and feet.

Step 4: Make the Body and the Bag Pack

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These are body and it's bag pack. I made the bag pack so that it didn't look to skinny. You could proof it by removing the bag when it's done. Ugly, right?

Step 5: Assembling

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Follow the pictures, assemble the LEGOs - Click! Click! Slack! - And you're done!


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