I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. The Humvee also has a surface adjustable tire system and a big trunk to store what ever ammunitions you may need in combat!
<p>can you post instructions for this?</p>
<p>I use brickarms</p>
<p>I used a SAW para for the turret</p>
<p>I improvised</p>
<p>but.... how do you make it</p>
Ahh my favorite building materials and my favorite vehicle all in one instructable
It needs instructions but other than that it's really cool
Need instructions!!!!!!!!!
Show some instructions
Looks great!
Where on youtube?
google firestartoys they have lots of LEGO compatible weapons
&quot;Excuse me, this is the FunVee. The HumDrumVee is back there.&quot; <br>~ Tony Stark
Thanks guys
You should check out brickarms.com they sell very accurate guns for Lego figures they are very well known and respected among the Lego community, I hope you give them a try! Nice build btw!!
This looks great! I love the gun turret, it looks much better than mine!
Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!<br/>http://www.flickr.com/photos/legohaulic/sets/72157623501098706/
I used instructions on flicker, u can also find them on YouTube.
You should post your instructions here so others can find them easily.
Where is the tutorial..?

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