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I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. The Humvee also has a surface adjustable tire system and a big trunk to store what ever ammunitions you may need in combat!


meepinater (author)2016-12-23

can you post instructions for this?

just plain Ben (author)2015-10-10

I use brickarms

just plain Ben (author)2015-10-10

I used a SAW para for the turret

just plain Ben made it! (author)2015-10-10

I improvised

WAFFLES99 (author)2015-05-12

but.... how do you make it

zman1204 (author)2015-02-16

Ahh my favorite building materials and my favorite vehicle all in one instructable

nintenbro64 (author)2014-07-24

It needs instructions but other than that it's really cool

DaveDude12 (author)2014-01-07


fasc23 (author)2013-09-01

Need instructions!!!!!!!!!

Derick4546 (author)2013-08-07

Show some instructions

sgfidlin (author)2013-08-06

Looks great!

elisha123 (author)2013-08-01


rmaes1 (author)2013-07-30

Where on youtube?

mweaver8 (author)2013-07-27

google firestartoys they have lots of LEGO compatible weapons

oscarrios (author)2013-07-26


StoryAddict (author)2013-07-26

"Excuse me, this is the FunVee. The HumDrumVee is back there."
~ Tony Stark

TSViper61 (author)2013-07-24

Thanks guys

lordtofthekill (author)2013-07-24

You should check out they sell very accurate guns for Lego figures they are very well known and respected among the Lego community, I hope you give them a try! Nice build btw!!

codegetter (author)2013-07-23


Sam DeRose (author)2013-07-22

This looks great! I love the gun turret, it looks much better than mine!

TSViper61 (author)2013-07-22

Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!

TSViper61 (author)2013-07-19

I used instructions on flicker, u can also find them on YouTube.

mikeasaurus (author)TSViper612013-07-22

You should post your instructions here so others can find them easily.

vicesat (author)2013-07-19

Where is the tutorial..?

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