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Last year I saw a great "ible" about making an adult lego costume. I loved the idea of the big minifig head so I proposed this to my six year old. He immediately agreed but upped the ante. "How about Lego Indiana Jones?!?" How can a father say no to that kind of enthusiasm? This is my first instructable, but I have been lurking for a couple years so let me know what you think, or how I can improve future posts. It is specific to Lego Indiana Jones, but could obviously be applied to any lego figure you are interested in making. (Lego Freddy Mercury?)

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For the minifig head, upper body and hat you will need:
1 2' x 8' sheet of 1.5" thick and
1 2' x 8' sheet of 1" thick extruded polystyrene insulation board. It can be pink or blue, whichever your local big box home improvement store sells. 
2" thick foam square (only needs to be a little bigger diameter than your neck)
White Glue
Metal ruler / tape measure
Face mask or respirator
Extendible Exacto knife (must have enough blade in it to cut all the way through the styrene
Various colors of craft paint
Paint brushes of various size (small craft for the details, larger for the base coats)
Sand paper (100-220, plus drywall mesh)
Optional: band saw or hot wire, circle cutting jig, oscillating spindle sander.
Photoshop or other free layer based image editor
thatmandygirl made it!22 days ago

I made a LEGO Indiana Jones for my son a few years ago too! So much fun!

Lego Indiana.jpglego indiana 2.jpg
slane0310 months ago

Do you have the dimensions for your son? My son looks like he'd be about the same size as yours. Thanks!

Rachel1521 year ago
What's the best way to cut the circles without using a machine?
electric carving knife works well
niboras (author)  Rachel1521 year ago
There are a number of craft knifes you could use. I used an extendable x-acto knife for the inner circles, but you could use a "hot-wire" or a jig-saw blade. The foam is pretty easy to cut.
Rachel1521 year ago
Great costume! Was just wondering what the foam squares are like and where can I get them?
niboras (author)  Rachel1521 year ago
Foam is 2' x 8' insulation board which can be found at HomeDepot, Lowe's or your local building supply store. It usually comes in Pink, Purple, or Blue. I just cut it into squares. It can be cut with a long box knife pretty easily.
Mlynn882 years ago
Here a Pic! Thanx again!
niboras (author)  Mlynn882 years ago
That turned out fantastic! Great job. Hope the trick-or-treating goes well!
Mlynn882 years ago
I absolutely love this design, look everything! Your Amazing! So, for my 5 yr son we gave it a try! but changed the character to a Lego city Police officer. Thank you so much for sharing..You made my son Halloween costume possible!
Grandiozo voy a hacer uni para mi hijo...!!
mds643 years ago
I made a similar one for my son. The front is the screen so he could see and breath. I was a little hard for him to see but another boy helped him on the steps. It was fun, and we're already looking at something bigger for next year.
Vovan1513 years ago
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zrcochran4 years ago
So awesome! Here's how the one I did for my 3 year old turned out. Thanks for the great idea! I have photos of the build on my site: http://zanecochran.com/entry.php?blog_id=212
niboras (author)  zrcochran4 years ago
This is great! hope mine was helpful. How did trick-or-treating go?
It went great! He didn't have any overheating problems, but the head was a bit bulky, so after a while we carried it for him from door to door. The greatest thing was that everyone knew who he was, so it was a success! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!
ksj17174 years ago
I LOVE Legos...and this costume is fantastic!
mr.frob4 years ago
nerdmom9204 years ago
I have to say, my son was crazy impressed with this costume. He is slowly working his way through video game right now. Perhaps some black netting for the eyes and making vent holes out of the stubble to improve ventilation? Otherwise, this is perfect!
jtalvy4 years ago
Thats incredible. You deserve alot of credit and your son must have had a ball!
Honus4 years ago
That is fantastic!
gladreal4 years ago
ab fab!!
tmarie4 years ago
Maybe you could have paper mached the hat and face so the lighter weight material could be used? I don't know how it would do, but just an idea. :)
jeff-o4 years ago
This is made of pure gold-pressed WIN.
Second to that!
ac1D4 years ago
This costume is EPIC!
D00M994 years ago
Seeing this, I'm sure you could actually mod this so that there are different "stickers" you can apply and take off to change the face and body for anyone who wants to be able to reuse this and be a different LEGO character each Halloween.
wtf is 5554 years ago
Awesome, I'd reccomend a small 9v fan in the head to try and fix the heat problem though. 5 stars.
Yeah, just make sure you fix it very very securely....
porquerias4 years ago
Fantastic! If for whatever reason my kids don't want to go as Lego minis, then I will make it for me!! Great job!
The House4 years ago
Amazing. That is just amazing.
seamster4 years ago
This is awesome! Very cool, indeed.
thomaskovac4 years ago
I am going to try this!
angelabchua4 years ago
YESSSSSS! I love this! and its a lego that won't hurt like hell when you step on it with bare feet!
So freakin' good!
generalsk4 years ago
Nice work! Five stars.
adamazing4 years ago
Absolutely awesome. 5 stars.
kelseymh4 years ago
Awesome! Getting your son's buy-in was critical; the fact that he ended up bailing due to being boiled alive is no reflection on the awesomeness of the concept -- you just have to do it better next year (this year?) :-)
Culturespy4 years ago
Absolutely brilliant.