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GUESS WHO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! What? No... No it's me. Who is that anyway? Whatever, that's right guys I am finally back with some more lego creations, however daily posting is no longer in effect. I will post whenever convenient. But I won't keep you guys waiting lets begin! I started off short and sweet.

Step 1: First Father Your Pieces

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If you don't understand this step than I'm afraid this is where you get off, for the rest of you, get going :)

Step 2: Other Options

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If you do not have the piece on top then Rey can be easily be replaced with the pieces in on the bottom

Step 3: Continuing

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Put binoculars to handle piece, them the bars to the binoculars. Does not matter which hole

Step 4: Done!

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As you can tell colors don't need to match mine since mine don't match the actual thing. But any way that's what I got for today guys please favorite is you enjoyed it and follow it if you want more. Also enter suggestions for what you guys want me to build or a topic to build on like a favorite videogame for example.
If your idea is used I will add your username in to the title as a special thanks. Thanks for viewing and BUILD ON!!


ttoyryla (author)2015-01-03

Wow, I either suck at typing, or autocorrect hates me. I apologize for the multiple spelling errors in this one.

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