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This will show you how to make two necklaces (one for you, one for your sweetheart) and when you put them together they make a heart.

Perfect nerdy valentines day gift!

This is really simple, the hardest part is finding the materials.

Step 1: Parts / Tools

Picture of Parts / Tools
You will need the following to make this.

  • Two necklace chains.
  • Two jump rings.
  • Two Lego 2x2 Coupling Plates
  • Pliers.
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cute idea for a bff necklace too! I think I will make one complete heart to wear on valentine's day next week! thanks so much <33

cute idea for a bff necklace too! I think I will make one complete heart to wear on valentine's day next week! thanks so much <33

can anyone get me these legos in India please

my id:avinashster77@gmail.com

niina.jama7 months ago

I just ordered 2 pieces. Have everything else I need already, because my mom makes jewelry. Except spray paint.. I'm thinking Silver/blackish metal. Hmm.. And also wondering who I'm really doing this for, my boyfriend.. or me? :D

GWorks7 months ago

Amazing(ly simple).

quentin1109 months ago
I like it
emsgirl761 year ago
this was a great valentines day gift! i did red lego
DaveDude121 year ago
Real good idea ill definitely use it its so cool
eltoncezar2 years ago
what diameter did you use for the jump ring? 8mm?
sampson1113 years ago
does anyone know what is the oficial name of these lego pieces are
Coupling Plate 2X2 :)
Thanks :)
onrust3 years ago
Unfortunately......... my girlfriend IS NOT this cool :(
monsterlego (author)  onrust3 years ago
Mine either, oh wait, i don't have one
MR ABC3 years ago
where can I buy them? how much?
monsterlego (author)  MR ABC3 years ago
I know I'm not selling them, i found them here for about $300 (actual silver though).
OMG! How cool is that?
bobert6103 years ago
2 questions for anyone...1 can someone give me a link where i can buy these online without having to buy 5$ of legos because of a minimum charge, and can anyone tell me if they make those pieces in metal?
monsterlego (author)  bobert6103 years ago
Have you tried Bricklink.com?
same problem...minimum order
tuckz3 years ago
omg that is so kool
monsterlego (author)  tuckz3 years ago
your welcome
NO WAY..... I made this on v-day for my mom then i see the same thing I JUST SAW IT HERE TODAY...... good minds think alike :)
monsterlego (author)  The survival dude3 years ago
0_o woah.
I love this idea! Wish I'd seen it before Valentine's Day, but any day will do :)
monsterlego (author)  mrscoloradogal3 years ago
This is a good idea!!!
monsterlego (author)  jellybeensis3 years ago
MR ABC3 years ago
where can I buy them? How much?
monsterlego (author)  MR ABC3 years ago
Look through the below comments, there's info on where to find parts, it adds up to about $7.00.
That's really clever. You've got my vote for the Valentine's Day Contest...
monsterlego (author)  dorkusmonkey3 years ago
Thanks! :D
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
iproberry13 years ago
this is what i am wearing for the valentines dance-a-thon
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
jaliciab3 years ago
Went to my local Lego store and they gave me two red ones for FREE! My husband LOVED it! Thanks for the idea!!!
monsterlego (author)  jaliciab3 years ago
Great! thanks for sharing!
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