Introduction: Lego Key Chain/Flash Drive Organizer

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I came up with this idea when I wanted to put my tiny 16GB flash drive on my lanyard. I found out, though, that the hole in the drive was too small for a key ring. I decided to use a combination of string and a key ring, but wanted a hobby included to show my personality. So back to LEGOS I went, making a sturdy and awesome (like everything. reference reference. hint hint.) let chain extension organizer/lanyard USB holder.

Step 1: Bricks and Relics Needed

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another reference in the title... anyways, you will need:

2 key rings. Or one if you can't fit one in the USB, use string to replace one. There will be an extra step for that. I have also used small paper clips.

one 1x4x1 or 1x3x1 Lego brick.

a hand drill.

scissors (for the string if it comes to it)

Step 2: Drill Into the Pegs.

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Use the hand drill and make holes in the two END pegs on your LEGO brick. These are for your key rings.

Step 3: Key Rings

This one is easy. just stick the key rings in the holes of the LEGO piece. I ran out of rings so I used paper clips. they would work just as well.

Step 4: Put Your Drive/whatever on One End and You Are Done

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Aaaaaand yep. Next step is for stubborn drives that won't fit key rings. AKA the string step.

Step 5: String for Mule Flash Drives.

Picture of String for Mule Flash Drives.

Thread a decently long piece of string through the LEGO piece's other end as well as the hole in the drive. tie twice. Take one end of the string and repeat. make sure to thread through the LEGO again.

Step 6: Done!

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Simple, and sturdy. Hope this helps with keys and school!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-18

They look really great, and it's such a simple change to become something so useful. Thanks for sharing!

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