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Introduction: Lego Key Holder and Note Clip

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How to make a cool Lego key holder with a note clip..

Step 1:

Watch this video guide:

What You Need

1) A Lego base plate
2) A selection of Lego bricks and plates
3) Adhesive putty or pads
4) A spirit level
3) Keys on a keyring or chain

Step 2:

Take a Lego base plate and stick adhesive putty or pads to the back of it. For a more permanent solution drill through the base plate and fix it to the wall with screws.

Step 3:

Fix the base plate to a suitable place on the wall. Use a spirit level to make sure its straight.

Step 4:

Thread a small Lego flat onto your keyring or chain.

Step 5:

Hang your keys on the board and decorate your Lego base plate with more Lego blocks.

Step 6:

Add a Lego hinge to use as a note holder.

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I need to make this for my new apartment!!:)

Omg that has to be the coolest easiest think to do
What a great idea
U got my vote

this is an amazing idea one question, where did you get all those strange keys?

Ha ha a collection of old vehicles and doors!

which lego kits have the flats with holes in or did you have to drill them? I've not come across this part before

It is a standard Lego part, but I think it'd from Technic Lego. Part number 3709b